Studying mushroom spores is a fun and educational hobby. The world of fungi spores is intense and immense. You will find in your journeys that there are so many species, shapes, sizes, and things to acquire. Everything from microscopes, mushroom spores, spore syringes, spore prints, flow hoods, glove boxes, and so much more that every time you go shopping you will find yourself looking at everything wondering how you can use it to learn how to grow shrooms.


Satisfaction guaranteed

At Source of Spores we dont just “strive” to make quality spore syringes. We just do it, and own the job. If for some reason our customers are not satisfied we simply replace the order. No questions asked.

Simple ordering and fast delivery of your spores

You will find that our spore store is highly optimized, with fast load times, and can be accessed from any device. We have spent a great deal of time in building you not only a good looking source of spores, but also we make sure you get your mushroom spores FAST! When you buy spore syringes, we know you want them as soon as you buy them, and we do not delay on getting your spore syringes to your mail box. Don’t forget we use 2048 bit SSL encryption on our website to ensure that your financial information is safe, secure, and highly encrypted. We got you.

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