Shipping and Delivery Information

United States Shipping Information, and Current Rates.

Currently we offer several shipping methods for you to choose from. Although these rates are subject to change, at any time, without updating this list, it should not be any different than what you will find at checkout. Our shipping rates are very stable, and only go up, when the price goes up for us, from the carrier, which is typically once or twice a year with USPS.


Do you need shipping insurance? Not necessarily, and here’s how our insurance policies work with shipping: We offer various packages with insurance, and without insurance. What this is, is an insurance policy with Source of Spores. Should ANY issue arise with the delivery of your order, that is the fault of the shipping carrier, theft, etc, Source of Spores will handle it, and will, if necessary, send a new order to you free of charge. What that means is we do all the leg work for you by contacting the shipping carrier, seeing what the issue might be, getting the package rerouted to you, filing a claim with the shipping carrier, or just sending a new order all together to you, completely free of charge.

IF YOU CHOOSE A SHIPPING OPTION THAT DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE: This means that if there is ANY issue with the delivery of your order, that is the fault of the shipping carrier, Source of Spores is NOT responsible, and you must contact the shipping carrier you chose. If the order is LOST, STOLEN, etc after it has been given to the shipping carrier, we will not replace your order for free, like we would if you had chosen a shipping option with insurance. You will have to pay a fee for a new order to be sent to you.


We have been shipping orders since 2012, and we have SEEN IT ALL! I would say 90% of shipments make it to their destination without any issue. But my advice to you: just get the shipping with an insurance option. It could potentially save you a lot of hassle and time. Things happen with shipping, and we can’t control the postal carriers any more than you can.


Here are our current shipping rates:

Standard shipping (USPS, no insurance) 4-5 days – $5.00

Standard Shipping (USPS, with insurance) 4-5 days – $8.00

USPS Priority Mail (no insurance) 2-3 days – $10.00

USPS Priority Mail (with insurance) 2-3 days – $15.00

Priority Mail Express (1-2 Days, with insurance) – $32.00

FEDEX Overnight (with insurance) – $60.00

FEDEX 2 Day A.M. delivery (with insurance) – $40.00


Orders $75 or more – FREE Standard shipping (USPS, with insurance) 4-5 days

Orders $150 or more – FREE expedited shipping (USPS, with insurance) 2-3 days

Orders $300 or more – FREE Priority mail express (USPS, with insurance) 1-2 days