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Source of Spores is proud to be the ONLY GREEN BAR EXTENDED VALIDATION spore vendor on earth!! Shop confidently knowing that you are doing business with a legitimate company, verified by the third party business COMODO!

Are you looking for Source of Spores reviews, and maybe a little about us too (scroll down to see reviews of us left by our customers over the years)? Source of Spores has been providing high-quality mushroom spore syringes to our customers in the United States and Canada since 2012, long before we built this website. We take great pride in knowing that our items ARE the highest quality and darkest spore packed syringes on the market, with no gimmicks, and no up-sells for the number of spores we put in our spore syringes, like several of our competitors.

We also like to believe that we are the most technologically advanced of all of our competition, in the software that we use to bring this web-store to you. SoS has worked hard on making a responsive, fast loading website, that is well organized, and educational all at the same time for your convenience. Order processing is no different, our website notifies you as to when your order is being processed, when it is shipped, and even when it is delivered. We use a cloud-based service to manage all processing orders, and shipments with ease, so no order from one of our customers gets “lost in the cracks,” and we can look your order up very quickly, and easily if you have a question about it.

UPDATE 03/17/2018: Here is a sample of our shipping software that we use to purchase, print, and manage your shipments (with all customer and tracking data removed)

source of spores shipping review

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service is absolutely unbeatable. We respond to email, and text message rapidly, without making you wait long at all for an answer, normally within minutes, even after hours! Go ahead, contact us, and try it out for yourself! If there is a problem with your shipping, even if it is not our fault, we fix it, on the double, often free of charge! What’s not to like about that? If there is a problem with your items, we send new ones, free of charge, no questions asked! Try that with one of our competitors. They will ask for pictures, explanations, give you a bunch of hassle, and still might not send you replacements!

High-Quality Equipment

At Source of Spores, we use very high-quality equipment to create your products. We have an actual laboratory that we make your spore syringes in, using a NUCLEAR grade HEPA filtered laminar flow hood, which filters down to subatomic particles. When sitting in front of this machine, you will breathe the cleanest air in the world, free from every contaminant that could exist, and therefore, your products will always be clean and viable, the first time, unlike many of our competitors. Some of them, we are convinced, do not even use a HEPA flow hood to create your products, which is why when looking at the spores through your microscope you will often find contaminant spores, and/or bacteria.

High-Quality Packaging

We have put much thought into how our spore syringes should be packaged. Many of our competitors simply put a label on your spore syringe and throw them all in one bag with your needles. We find this not only to be unattractive but also defeating the purpose of using such high-quality equipment, as mentioned above. We go as far as to purchase individual zipper bags that actually fit the spore syringe. EACH spore syringe is sealed in sterile, individual zipper bags, with the syringe capped, and a sterile dispensing needle included, unopened, in its original packaging.

Above and Beyond?

We do not believe we go above and beyond, we believe we are simply making your spore syringes the way they should be made. We ONLY make spore syringes at Source of Spores, and not a bunch of other products, or other accessories. ALL of our attention is focused on making the highest quality spore syringes for our customers.

Want more proof?

If you want more proof as to why Source of Spores is THE BEST SPORE VENDOR YOU WILL EVER BUY FROM, simply read the reviews below. And please, feel free to leave us a review about our products, or our service! We value your opinion, love to hear your feedback, and are most certainly not afraid of some constructive criticism. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your interest in our products. I hope this has been helpful for you if you are looking for a quality spore vendor.

298 thoughts on “Reviews from Source of Spores Customers

  1. I ordered spores and they showed up three days later. What a great service.

  2. I ordered back in June. I forgot to come back and leave a review when I receievd my items. Looking back, it is probably a good thing I did not. I would not have been able to tell you all how great these spores are! First off, I received my order in two days. I had already prepared my study materials and used the syringes. I saw growth in three days. Using SOS you could be seeing what you are looking for in 5 or 6 days, if you take the right approach. Thumbs up.

  3. Great experience

  4. Will be back again. Syringes arrived fast and were full of spores. Thanks for the coupon.

  5. Hey guys, I am a returning customer. For some reason your contact form is not working for me. I would like to reorder what I ordered last time. Please contact me

  6. Ordered from here and received confirmation of payment from bitcoin. Received my order in 4 days through USPS. Have recently used the products and did see good results.

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