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Source of Spores is proud to be the ONLY GREEN BAR EXTENDED VALIDATION spore vendor on earth!! Shop confidently knowing that you are doing business with a legitimate company, verified by the third party business COMODO!

Are you looking for Source of Spores reviews, and maybe a little about us too (scroll down to see reviews of us left by our customers over the years)? Source of Spores has been providing high-quality mushroom spore syringes to our customers in the United States and Canada since 2012, long before we built this website. We take great pride in knowing that our items ARE the highest quality and darkest spore packed syringes on the market, with no gimmicks, and no up-sells for the number of spores we put in our spore syringes, like several of our competitors.

We also like to believe that we are the most technologically advanced of all of our competition, in the software that we use to bring this web-store to you. SoS has worked hard on making a responsive, fast loading website, that is well organized, and educational all at the same time for your convenience. Order processing is no different, our website notifies you as to when your order is being processed, when it is shipped, and even when it is delivered. We use a cloud-based service to manage all processing orders, and shipments with ease, so no order from one of our customers gets “lost in the cracks,” and we can look your order up very quickly, and easily if you have a question about it.

UPDATE 03/17/2018: Here is a sample of our shipping software that we use to purchase, print, and manage your shipments (with all customer and tracking data removed)

source of spores shipping review

Source of Spores provides World Class Customer Support

Our customer service is absolutely unbeatable. We respond to email, and text message rapidly, without making you wait long at all for an answer, normally within minutes, even after hours! Go ahead, contact us, and try it out for yourself! If there is a problem with your shipping, even if it is not our fault, we fix it, on the double, often free of charge! What’s not to like about that? If there is a problem with your items, we send new ones, free of charge, no questions asked! Try that with one of our competitors. They will ask for pictures, explanations, give you a bunch of hassle, and still might not send you replacements!

High-Quality Equipment is Used to Make Our Spore Syringes

At Source of Spores, we use very high-quality equipment to create your products. We have an actual laboratory that we make your spore syringes in, using a NUCLEAR grade HEPA filtered laminar flow hood, which filters down to subatomic particles. When sitting in front of this machine, you will breathe the cleanest air in the world, free from every contaminant that could exist, and therefore, your products will always be clean and viable, the first time, unlike many of our competitors. Some of them, we are convinced, do not even use a HEPA flow hood to create your products, which is why when looking at the spores through your microscope you will often find contaminant spores, and/or bacteria.

Source of Spores Uses High-Quality Packaging For Their Spore Syringes

We have put much thought into how our spore syringes should be packaged. Many of our competitors simply put a label on your spore syringe and throw them all in one bag with your needles. We find this not only to be unattractive but also defeating the purpose of using such high-quality equipment, as mentioned above. We go as far as to purchase individual zipper bags that actually fit the spore syringe. EACH spore syringe is sealed in sterile, individual zipper bags, with the syringe capped, and a sterile dispensing needle included, unopened, in its original packaging.

Does Source of Spores Go Above and Beyond For Their Customers?

We do not believe we go above and beyond, we believe we are simply making your spore syringes the way they should be made. We ONLY make spore syringes at Source of Spores, and not a bunch of other products, or other accessories. ALL of our attention is focused on making the highest quality spore syringes for our customers.

Want more proof That Source of Spores is the Best Place to buy Spore Syringes?

If you want more proof as to why Source of Spores is THE BEST SPORE VENDOR YOU WILL EVER BUY FROM, simply read the reviews below. And please, feel free to leave us a review about our products, or our service! We value your opinion, love to hear your feedback, and are most certainly not afraid of some constructive criticism. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your interest in our products. I hope this has been helpful for you if you are looking for a quality spore vendor.

308 thoughts on “Source of Spores Reviews From Our Customers

  1. Another positive review! Last week I made an order for mail order because I do not understand how to use bitcoin. I was then contacted by email to tell me how to send my payment. I followed the directions exactly and sent a money order in the mail. My payment was confirmed in an email that I was sent. I received my spores 3 days later. DEFINATLEY BUY YOUR SPORES FROM HERE!!!

  2. Do you ship to Mexico?

  3. This site is great. I received confirmation of payment, shipping info was sent the same day.

  4. After placing an order earlier this month (October 2020), getting confirmation emails about the order going through *and* my Bitcoin payment going through, I received my order in 3 or 4 days.. The spore syringes look like they were full of spores, and I already see growth just a few days later after using them. I will return in the future, should I require any more mushroom spores.

  5. Is a email sent once the order is processed? Is there tracking for the order?

    1. Yes to both. We provide tracking for all shipping options.

  6. Do you have a coupon code, If not can you look in my cart and maybe give me one?
    Thank you

  7. Will you Ship to los Angeles, Califonia

  8. Just got my spores in the mail. Super fast shipping, and lots of notifications. How do they get so many spores to fill all these syringes with? I looks like there is a whole spore print in just one of the syringes I got! Thank you SOS!

  9. Fast shipping! I am not really sure how to make a different review than anyone else. We all are pretty much saying the same thing! I inoculated some brf cakes 2 days ago and already see white fuzzy growth! I can’t find anything to complain about.

  10. Placed an order, and mailed a money order. It took a little longer than bitcoin would, I suppose, but I can’t figure out bitcoin. Guess I am getting old. My order still arrived within a week of sending in payment. The products are fantastic so they were worth the wait. Dark syringes, much darker than anywhere else I have seen. Most vendors I am convinced just send tap water. Not these guys! You get your moneys worth here.

  11. ordered on 4-22-19 sent cash and got order within a week. looks great.

  12. 5 stars~1~!! Fast shipping!

  13. Great seller! Only complaint is that the mailer my spores came in got a little damaged, but that is the post offices fault!

  14. I won’t waste my time with other companies ever again! Fast shipping dark syringes!

  15. I was really excited to get my spores in the mail! I love to get things in the mail. Source of Spores lives up to what others say about them on here!

  16. Placed an order with source of spores using ETH coin. Got my order fast, much faster than my previous order using a money order in snail mail. Great service will be back soon!

  17. im very happy with this company. i mailed a money order and they sent my items within a few days. I do wish they accepted credit cards it would be faster, but i understand that banks won’t allow it.

  18. Fast shipping! Great products I can’t believe how many spores are in the syringes. Compared to other vendors I have used this is night and day.

  19. Excellent!! I have left reviews on the individual products that I ordered, but I also wanted to leave one here! I love the items I received! Great growth!!

  20. Fast shipment syringes are almost black. You can see a lot of spores.

  21. This is a fantastic website. I ordered my product on the 16th and the items got here on the 19th, with tons of email updates on shipment and tracking. I am very happy that I ordered here at Source of Spores

  22. Very responsive cultures. I placed an order almost 3 weeks ago. My spore arrived within a few days, and I am already about to be spawning to bulk substrate. Great products!

  23. I ordered a month ago, and everything is going great with the specimens I received.

  24. Is it possible to give 10 stars?! I can’t be any happier with my products!

  25. I ordered spores from here and there the best iv’e had so far got some from some other websites but there all bunk. The sights say there potent spores but they lie, You can clearly see that there is lack of spores in the syringe and off of this website I ordered Golden Teachers and they were best quality and had so many spores i could see them floating around inside of the syringe and the color of it was darker than the one I had ordered from. Would recommend this product to anyone that’s growing shrooms and for begginers too…

  26. I ordered a random syringe. It was free of contaminates, and so loaded with spores it was very deep purple in color. Beat place on the net for sure! Will buy again.

  27. Excellent in all aspects!

  28. I came here after a failed transaction with different company. I’m glad I did. Ordered standard 4-5 day shipping and it came in two business days. Fast, professional, and if anything, better than advertised. Happy as can be.

  29. Ordered 3 different spores, extremely happy with all 3. Thanks for the great service you provide!

  30. Ordered the random, got Thai Lipa Yai. Lots of visible spores! Thanks.

  31. The amount of spores given is insane, the syringes are full of them. And, they have always shipped in 4 days, starting from when I placed my order to when i had the syringes in possession. Previous order never contaminated, even through multiple uses. Quality strains that grow amazingly.

  32. Fast delivery, swift communications, and the package arrived on time (within a week of the order, using fedex 2 Days), nice clean simple package full of spore specks in all of the syringes! Thank you!

  33. Jim is great. The product is amazing. The spore content is incomparable to any other provider i have ever dealt with. Awesome Source.

  34. Couldn’t be more impressed with this company. Spores are nicely packaged, you can see the spores are VERY plentiful inside and everything is in perfect order. As well Jim gave great customer service and answered all my questions. I will definitely be recommending this site to my friends. Thanks!

  35. I’ll start off by saying I was skeptical at first because I’ve been screwed many times by spore vendors. I purposefully ordered from 2 sites this one and another one I saw in forums frequently to see if I would actually get the product or not and base on which is better. I have not yet had time to mess with them yet but they both came In within a weeks time. As for source of spores product they blow the other out of the water on visuals and preparation on how it’s packaged and the amount of spores you get looks to be 10x the amount as the other.

    Thanks for your service. Will be returning from now on

  36. I have shopped around and I’ll like to say I’m vary happy to come across this place. I have ordered prints from most places to get the amount of spores that I like. But here the syringes come packed with spores. Very happy here and thank you wish ull luck for years

  37. Package came in light speed thanks!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the great review! Come back and tell us about the products!!

  38. I think that everything is good, I would recommend them to friends and family. I’m super impatient but also would love to keep ordering from the source regularly. But the shipping is around the same price as the spores. If only there was a way to get it sooner but cheaper, how does amazon do it? Free shipping on almost everything.Thinking out loud because i am very pleased with the product.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your review, and I am glad to hear you like our products! As for shipping, there is no such thing as a free lunch in life. You think shipping is free on Amazon, because they say it is? That priority shipping cost is included in the price already on everything that is listed as prime. Sure, we could do that, if we inflated all of our prices, and marked everything free shipping. I hope that helps the understanding of how eCommerce works a little better. If you don’t believe me, find products on amazon that have prime shipping. Then find the same product from vendors that don’t offer prime. You’ll notice most of the time that those amazon prime products are conveniently $7-10 more than the exact same product that is not on prime.

      We do have extremely fair shipping rates, and many shipping options for our customers to choose. From very reasonable $5 options all the way up to overnight shipping.

      We do offer free shipping as well, but yes you must order at least $75 worth of products from us to get that, and its actually free with SOS, unlike Amazon, who never actually does free shipping. We DO shoulder the cost of your free shipping for orders over $75.

      Also, I would like to share this link with you. It’s about the requirement of having patience in relation to this hobby. 🙂

      Again, thank you for your review. I am glad we could have a chance to put our heads together and listen to each others thoughts.

      1. Yes, I know you are correct. I believe that it’s a patience issue for me and also that I’d rather spend the majority of my money on the products instead of on shipping. But I guess it’s just part of the purchase. I do have an understanding for business and I love starting new hobbies and this one seems right up my alley. I appreciate you not making me feel like an idiot with your response, thanks.

        1. Your response indicates to me that you are someone who thinks out of the box often, and are used to being shamed for it. It takes an out of the box thinker to be a spore vendor, I think. No one here will ever make you feel like an idiot. Keep using your noggin, it will take you places, but don’t try to reinvent the wheel at the same time lol I did enjoy this conversation. In fact, I am pretty sure you are the only customer that even came back to reply!


  39. All I have to say is WOW! The amount of spores compared to other shops is insane. Other stores syringes look like nothing but water. Source of spores is dark with spore clusters. You have a forever customer Jim. My only issue was with USPS, took two days longer than projected. Not on you guys though… Now onto stage two…time to learn patience…

    1. Thank you for the excellent review! I will contact you regarding the issue with USPS, and see if we can help, even though it is not our fault. We want you to be happy all the way around.

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