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Source of Spores is proud to be the ONLY GREEN BAR EXTENDED VALIDATION spore vendor on earth!! Shop confidently knowing that you are doing business with a legitimate company, verified by the third party business COMODO!

Are you looking for Source of Spores reviews, and maybe a little about us too (scroll down to see reviews of us left by our customers over the years)? Source of Spores has been providing high-quality mushroom spore syringes to our customers in the United States and Canada since 2012, long before we built this website. We take great pride in knowing that our items ARE the highest quality and darkest spore packed syringes on the market, with no gimmicks, and no up-sells for the number of spores we put in our spore syringes, like several of our competitors.

We also like to believe that we are the most technologically advanced of all of our competition, in the software that we use to bring this web-store to you. SoS has worked hard on making a responsive, fast loading website, that is well organized, and educational all at the same time for your convenience. Order processing is no different, our website notifies you as to when your order is being processed, when it is shipped, and even when it is delivered. We use a cloud-based service to manage all processing orders, and shipments with ease, so no order from one of our customers gets “lost in the cracks,” and we can look your order up very quickly, and easily if you have a question about it.

UPDATE 03/17/2018: Here is a sample of our shipping software that we use to purchase, print, and manage your shipments (with all customer and tracking data removed)

source of spores shipping review

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service is absolutely unbeatable. We respond to email, and text message rapidly, without making you wait long at all for an answer, normally within minutes, even after hours! Go ahead, contact us, and try it out for yourself! If there is a problem with your shipping, even if it is not our fault, we fix it, on the double, often free of charge! What’s not to like about that? If there is a problem with your items, we send new ones, free of charge, no questions asked! Try that with one of our competitors. They will ask for pictures, explanations, give you a bunch of hassle, and still might not send you replacements!

High-Quality Equipment

At Source of Spores, we use very high-quality equipment to create your products. We have an actual laboratory that we make your spore syringes in, using a NUCLEAR grade HEPA filtered laminar flow hood, which filters down to subatomic particles. When sitting in front of this machine, you will breathe the cleanest air in the world, free from every contaminant that could exist, and therefore, your products will always be clean and viable, the first time, unlike many of our competitors. Some of them, we are convinced, do not even use a HEPA flow hood to create your products, which is why when looking at the spores through your microscope you will often find contaminant spores, and/or bacteria.

High-Quality Packaging

We have put much thought into how our spore syringes should be packaged. Many of our competitors simply put a label on your spore syringe and throw them all in one bag with your needles. We find this not only to be unattractive but also defeating the purpose of using such high-quality equipment, as mentioned above. We go as far as to purchase individual zipper bags that actually fit the spore syringe. EACH spore syringe is sealed in sterile, individual zipper bags, with the syringe capped, and a sterile dispensing needle included, unopened, in its original packaging.

Above and Beyond?

We do not believe we go above and beyond, we believe we are simply making your spore syringes the way they should be made. We ONLY make spore syringes at Source of Spores, and not a bunch of other products, or other accessories. ALL of our attention is focused on making the highest quality spore syringes for our customers.

Want more proof?

If you want more proof as to why Source of Spores is THE BEST SPORE VENDOR YOU WILL EVER BUY FROM, simply read the reviews below. And please, feel free to leave us a review about our products, or our service! We value your opinion, love to hear your feedback, and are most certainly not afraid of some constructive criticism. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your interest in our products. I hope this has been helpful for you if you are looking for a quality spore vendor.

298 thoughts on “Reviews from Source of Spores Customers

  1. The best place I’ve been to for spores so far. Other places say they give a lot of spores and you might agree; but with sourceofspores , they under-exaggerate how many spores are in a syringe. Mine was literally black with spores and had 0 sterilization issues. Will always be getting my spores from here.

    1. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Ordered A+ my first strain, it’s a lengthy one, ordered a mystery and received another 9 weeker.. was hoping for something NEW TO STUDY

    1. Sorry that you didn’t get what you wanted with the Random Cubensis Microscopy Spore Kit Special, although that is a bit irrelevant to the quality of the items, and not how the random special works at all. I don’t really feel like your review is fair, since you are just upset that you didn’t get exactly what you wanted when you ordered a random syringe. You could have purchased exactly what you wanted, by not purchasing a random. Thanks anyway.

  3. Sure a Great site with super fast shipping and amazing products of superb quality

    1. Thanks for the great review!

  4. Very friendly helpfully good service will order again

    1. Thank you! Glad you like our products and service!

  5. Best site out there !! Had some issues with shipping and even missing some items and this customer service is above ANY OTHER site out there..

    Quality of product is AMAZING above any competition out there and I’ve used a few.

    Amazing success rate of studies on a microscopical level out of this world..

    I will NEVER purchase from any other site out there for my research have never had such great success

    Thank you S.O.S !!

  6. Amazing speedy delivery ,

  7. got my package as advertised…thanx

  8. So, just a heads up, this will be a fairly in depth review. I just wanted to warn anyone who doesn’t like to read lol. So, let me just start with just a little background. Until very recently I hadn’t been able to enjoy this hobby since 2010. Bummer, ikr? So, when tho opportunity to jump back in presented itself I was ready to get started immediately. I get online just to find my old spore supplier doesn’t exist anymore for whatever reason. So, I do a google search for something along the lines of “spore vendor” even though that may not be wording I searched for. The fist sight listed in the results was the spore store. So, I click on it and they’re sight looks professional enough. So, I go ahead and order myself some spores right away and waited anxiously, until they arrived. So, when it arrived I tore into the box like a kid on Christmas morning, held my syringe up to the light only to find that there’s only a fraction of the spores I used to receive from “my vendor”. You see, I was looking for a new vendor to be “my vendor”. I had bought spores from the spore store, but they weren’t yet “my vendor”. Sorry about the digression, I’ll get back on track lol. I really didn’t even get too upset about how weak my spore solution was. I just thought to myself ” things change, as long as i have even a mildly successful grow, I can always make a print and subsequent syringe later.” But, I also knew that syringe wasnt gonna go far enough to inoculate all the jars that I needed to, as I was preparing for a spiritual journey with a group of friends. A few of them first timers, which even us veterans were really excited about. So, I decided to use a print that had been in my refrigerator for at least 8 years, quite possibly more because, yours truly, never put a date on any of them. But, that was because I never planned on using them to grow any mushrooms. My spore print collection, has always been my trophy collection. I rarely, if ever, grew the same strain twice. I made each and every print in my collection to show that I had successfully grew that strain, then I moved on to the next stain. I think collecting in such a fashion is fairly common. But, even though they were old and I was gonna mar one of my trophies. I knew I needed to get started right away if these were gonna even have a chance to be done by the time our trip to Red River Gorge was scheduled, and if not we may have to reschedule and lose momentum, never good. And again I knew I could just replace it with a new one if I had a successful grow. So, I made up the syringe. Just seeing the syringe I made compared to theirs I thought mine looked much better. But, I still had no be idea if my syringe was very even viable, being made with an 8+ year spore print. However, I was quite sure I’d have success with theirs. After all, making prints and syringes is their business. They must be pretty good at it right? So, 3 days in I see the first signs of mycelium on the jars from my print, and am beyond excited I knew then that my spores were viable, but, had no idea if they may be contaminated. So all I could do was wait. There, were no signs of growth on the spore store jars. But, that didn’t concern me. My solution was much stronger and different strains have different colonization times. So, I thought nothing of it. And was just happy to know my jars were colonizing. In just under 2 weeks from innoculation they were completely colonized. However, my spore store jars still had no sign of mycelium. I was getting concerned. But was still trying to make excuses to myself like, maybe I didn’t quite reach any side of any of these jars lol. So, maybe I won’t see any signs of mycelium until they’re almost done. I let my fully colonized jars sit for another week before going in my sgfc. I did however lose one of my babies to contamination, but all things considered I was stoked. However, the spore store jars still had no signs of mycelium. That’s when I gave up on them completely. I decided to cut my losses and order some more spores and just reschedule the trip. I didn’t even bother contacting them. I figured anyone who would provide such a bunk product, most certainly must be aware of it. Because other people must be complaining. The one thing I’ll give them is the syringe must have been sterile, because they didn’t contaminate. This syringe couldn’t grow anything lol. I had been reading up all the mushroom grow sights since I had decided to get back in to see what new things us amateurs were doing, mostly with bulk grows, even though this particular grow was done with the pf tek for one reason only. I still had everything I needed stored in my basement from many years ago, but had given my bulk supplies to a close friend when I had to go on hiatus. And I had come across source of spores ok a few sights, shroomology in particular. And decided to check them out. The first thing I noticed was that they’re prices were a little higher than some competitors. But, they were running a really awesome sale that was gonna save me money after getting my free syringe. So, I’ve went ahead and ordered 2 and the mystery syringe was added automatically. I noticed when I placed the order that this sight says they only ship m-f, and I was pretty bummed out because it was a Friday night at the time lol. That’s when I got my first pleasant surprise from this company. I got an email early Saturday afternoon that stated my order shipped. I was so stoked I couldn’t wait for it to get here. Here it is today , Tuesday, and my order has already arrived. I couldn’t believe it. So again, I open my package like a kid on Christmas morning, just to be startled for a brief second when my syringes appeared to be black. So I take a closer look and realize that even though the liquid itself is a little dark, that color is actually being caused by the insane amount of spores in these syringes. Easily 5 times if not more than the spore store syringe. I had heard they’re syringes were packed. But, what shocked me was that these syringes had even more spores than the syringes i used to get from “my vendor.” So, I look at these syringes and everything just looks so professional, and I think to myself, “one of these syringes is a random suprise!” And a surprise it was. My random cubensis was actually psilocybe tampanensis. I don’t know any other company that would give these out as a free syringe. Other sites are charging extra for these, and they sent me one as a freebie. Amazing? Unless, I run into a ton of unexpected problems this is the happiest I’ve ever been with a spore purchase. But, I just don’t see that happening, because the rest of this experience has been perfect. And based on the rest of this experience, if there was an issue I have no doubt it would be solved, not only satisfactory, but quickly too because this company obviously knows what it means to earn their customers. And it’s working. Source of Spores, you are officially “my vendor”
    Thank you,

  9. Man if I could give these guys 7 stars I wouldn’t hesitate. Fast and discrete shipping as promised…..but where the difference lies is in the density of spores…..mine were so thick it looks almost suspended in a gel. If you go somewhere else after dealing with these guys you’ll see what I’m saying….12/10

  10. Syringe is black with spores. They have earned a repeat customer!

  11. Awesome I have never seen a syringe that full of spores I have been buying spore syringes for 6 year’s and never have i got spore syringes like i just got from source of spores thank you very much

  12. I ordered on a Sunday and received my order on that Thursday. Very pleased with my spore syringes.

  13. I am really happy with the spore syringes I received. I ordered B+, Amazonian, and Penis Envy. My syringes were promptly shipped to me, and they looked GREAT! I have ordered from a couple of other vendors, all shroomery vendors, and I have never seen a spore syringe as dark as these, and full of spores. I saw growth in three days from all of my spore syringes. The prices are MUCH better than the other guys I ordered from as well. You really can’t beat Source of Spores for quality and price. I’ll never order from another spore vendor again except the real Source of Spores!!!!

    -Very satisfied customer

  14. I’ve ordered here a few times now, all of the products are great, and customer service is very helpful. Thank you

  15. Thanks for making it easy for us noobs to get the best spore syringes on the internet!!!! I will be returning for more very soon!

  16. Fast shipping and great products!! I’m already seeing growth in 3 days!! Will order more!

  17. Great and quick service, and now I am about to reap the benefits of their awesome syringes!

  18. Best of the best…Great customer service. Will hold your hand and walk you through everything. My B+ and Golden Teacher syringes look great, VERY dark syringes!

  19. Fast shipping to hawaii!! And helpful service. Will leave another review when product tested

  20. Source of Spores are so freaking good they deserve 50 gold stars!! My package came in 3 days! Everything was marked professionally and very sterile! Shop here they have no bad reviews for a reason!!! They rock you guys won’t be disappointed I promise… I LOVE SOURCE OF SPORES!!!!!

  21. Just received my first order in the mail, have to say im surprised at how quickly it got here! The initial date of delivery was supposed to be tomorrow (Feb 28), but they arrived a day early. Very pleased with the density of the syringes, the liquid is completely filled with spores, and it is dark. Great deals, fast service, and Jim is great person to chat with.

  22. Excellent product, friendly customer service reps, fast shipping. I don’t think I will ever be using another service from this point forward. Other vendors charge twice as much for a lesser quality product.

  23. An absolutely great service. Will turn to these guys everytime. Customer service was immediate and professional. My order arrived in under a week in perfect and discreet condition. I would and will recommend these wonderful people anytime I get a chance. I am extremely satisfied, thank you. Peace and love.

  24. I have ordered from here a few times now. The quality of the syringes are amazing. I have always received my orders within a few days. Very fast shipping. I had a problem with one of my orders and it was resolved quickly and to my expectations. I have dealt with other companies but Source of Spores is the best quality and service so far. I will continue to use this company and will recommend them to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.

  25. Great customer service and quick delivery! Product labeled well and visually looks good. Proof will be in the Mycelium.

  26. Just Placed My Second Order! Just now orderd alawhite, maza, Alcabenzi, and Brazilian my second order from source of spores went ahead and got the express shipping this time..can’t wait source of spores is great

  27. Thanks Source of Spores! I just ordered $84.00 worth of mushroom syringes and +$12.00 for fast priority shipping and I can’t wait to open up that package! Your syringes are always the best to look at under my microscope πŸ˜€

  28. Ordered and received my spores within a few days. Packaging was A1 will definitely be ordering more. Have an awesome selection and deals!

  29. Order came quick and great quality, and labeled. My favorite company to order from!

  30. Quick shipping and great communication/info from Source of Spores. Worked out great and I would recommend SOS to others.

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