Refund/Exchange Policy


Under some circumstances we will provide a refund. If you have placed an order, but have not received a shipment confirmation before you contact us, we will refund your order, subject to a 20% restocking fee, and credit card processing fees that we incurred as a result of processing your card. If we have already purchased a shipping label for you, the order is complete, and the sale is final. Due to the nature of the products we do not offer refunds, but we do offer free or discounted replacement products, as it is impossible for us to print you a return shipping label, and resell the product, like many other companies can do, like Wal-Mart or Amazon. These are organic products that have a shelf life. We only send out freshly made spore syringes. We will not ever consider reselling old spore syringes we already sent to someone else.


Exchanges fall under our product guarantee warranty, which you can find here (but I’ll paste it on this page as well for your convenience).

  1. If your microscopy efforts should prove to be impossible, simply contact us within 14 days after the delivery of your products, and we will replace the product free of charge, WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Other vendors will ask you a million questions, make you send pictures, etc. It is a real hassle. Our spores are always clean, the only reason why we offer this is so that you see we are serious about our statements, and we would really like to earn your business.
  2. If your microscopy efforts should prove to impossible, within 60 days from the delivery of your products, but after the original 14 day no questions asked warranty, we will review these on a case by case basis. We log all complaints of dead spores or unidentifiable spores. If there is a number of similar complaints from the batch that your order came from, we will replace those items free of charge, otherwise we offer an accident forgiveness policy for customers that contact us within 60 days from delivery about issues with their items, so that you can obtain new items, at an extremely discounted rate. At no time will we ask you for pictures or make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get replacements.