Psilocybe Tampanensis Microscopy Spore Kit


10ML spore syringe of premium Psilocybe Tampanensis spores. Spores are suspended in a proprietary aqueous solution which prevents against freezing and insulates from heat. Individually packaged, with sterile needle included.


Psilocybe Tampanensis is a rather rare strain of Psilocybe Mexicana mushroom that is so named due to the location of where it was originally found growing in the wild, outside of Tampa, Florida USA. This particular species does form sclerotia, also known as “philosopher stones,” or “magic truffles.” The correct terminology, however, is sclerotia. Psilocybe tampanesis spores have been in circulation since about 2005, and the mushroom has a very interesting “history” on the internet, and it is claimed that only one mushroom has ever been found in the wild, and after that the species was never seen again, making this the most illusive Psilocybe known in the world. While this simply is not true, as many specimens are found in the wild every year all around the gulf coast of the United States. Originally the strain was also thought to be its own species, by the people who found it, and sometimes it is still refered to as being it’s own species on different websites, but recent DNA testing done by Dr. Guzman, an expert in mushroom taxonomy has proven it to actually be a variety of Psilocybe mexicana.

All sclerotia forming species/strains of mushrooms are very hardy in the fact that the sclerotia is simply a defense mechanism used to protect the mycelial network from damage or extreme temperatures. If the mycelium dies the sclerotia can lie dormant for a long time until conditions become favorable for it to form more mycelium.

Psilocybe Tampanesis, though not it’s own species as previously thought, IS very special strain, and we at Source of Spores are proud to spread it’s spores! Our Psilocybe Tampanensis spore syringes are LOADED with spores, for your microscopy viewing pleasure, made from FRESH, clean spore prints.

All spores sold on this website are for legal microscopy or taxonomy use, collection purposes or any other legal use only. Pictures are provided for educational purposes, and are derived from labs outside of the united states. Do not ask us for information about growing mushrooms. We do not have that information, and will not provide it.

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