Psilocybe Galindoi Microscopy Spore Kit


10ML spore syringe of premium Psilocybe galindoi spores. Spores are suspended in a proprietary aqueous solution which prevents against freezing and insulates from heat. Individually packaged, with sterile needle included.


Psilocybe Galindoi is a strain of Psilocybe mexicana that produces sclerotia, also called “philosophers stones,” or “magic truffles.” It is a mushroom of many names on the internet, as when it was originally found it was named Psilocybe atlantis, and in some references online it is called ATL #7, or just atlantis, as it was said to have been found in Georgia. It was later reclassified as Psilocybe galindoi, and was believed to be it’s own species until DNA testing proved that it was a variety of Psilocybe mexicana. In the wild Psilocybe galindoi is an aggressive producer of sclerotia often forming baseball sized hunks of the “philosopher stones.” In Amsterdam these are sold in coffee shops openly as the sclerotia is completely legal in Amsterdam.

While Psilocybe galindoi is generally a small mushroom, which means it produces small spore prints in comparison to much larger mushrooms, we still fill our Psilocybe galindoi spore syringes with TONS of spores from fresh spore prints.

All spores sold on this website are for legal microscopy or taxonomy use, collection purposes or any other legal use only. Pictures are provided for educational purposes, and are derived from labs outside of the united states. Do not ask us for information about growing mushrooms. We do not have that information, and will not provide it.

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