Psilocybe Cubensis | Inca Star Gazer Spore Syringe Microscopy Kit


20ML spore syringe of Inca Star Gazer spores, suspended in aqueous solution. Individually packaged, with unopened sterile needle included.

We have just upgraded all products to 20ML syringes from 10ML syringes. Please excuse the pictures of the 10ML syringe until we can update them.

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The Inca Star Gazer strain of Psilocybe cubensis is one of the oldest strains in circulation, although it has become very rare over time. You can find this strain mentioned as one of the original strains ever available in the 1970’s book, “The Mushroom Cultivator,” by Paul Stamets. Inca Star Gazer was originally found in South America growing in dense clusters, in the hills of the Andes mountains, close to ancient Inca ruins. Inca Star Gazer is noted to be a very prolific fruiter, giving massive flushes, with ease, and also very potent, with small to medium fruits. Spore production is moderate.

All spore products sold on this website are for microscopy, taxonomy, or collections use only. Pictures are for educational and entertainment purposes.

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