Psilocybe Cubensis | Golden Teacher Isolate Live Culture


20ML isolate live culture of genuine Golden teacher mycelium. Individually packaged, with sterile needle included. Supercharge your microscopy efforts!

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This product is an isolated phenotype of the Golden Teacher mushroom. We also offer the multiple spore syringe version of this product at a cheaper price, as multiple spore syringe will contain hundreds of phenotypes which compete with each other, resulting in decreased performance. This isolated phenotype was isolated from a very potent parent.

The Golden Teacher Mushroom is a strain of Psilocybe Cubensis that is world famous, and well domesticated. Many claim that this mushroom is highly resistant to contaminants, and is a fast colonizer, in the wild. It is certainly a favorite of Source of Spores, and we believe it is a must have for anyone who is serious about collecting cubensis vartieties. Many reviews have been made about the readiness of this strain to fruit in the wild. Reviews that say it is highly adaptable and will fruit on any substrate. From our own research we can say that most of these reviews are true. From what we have seen this strain is a aggressive producing robust rhizomorphs, and dense clusters of pinhead mushrooms that rarely abort as they are maturing. GT is also a fantastic spore printer, laying super dark and thick spore prints.

GT may be one of the most reliable, and domesticated of all the cubensis strains commercially available. Our isolate live cultures of golden teacher are incredibly thick, filled with live mycelium, due to the level of robust growth these mushrooms are capable of. If you’re looking for a chill strain, that is reliable and contamination resistant, GT is certainly for you.

In the wild the mushrooms produced by the Golden Teacher have these characteristics:

  • Thick rhizomorphic mycelium
  • Quick colonization times
  • Aggressive mushroom production
  • Meaty stems with medium to large caps
  • Bruises bluish to greenish where injured

Our isolate live culture syringes are guaranteed to make your mouth water as soon as you see them. Remember that all of our products are backed by a no questions asked exchange guarantee!

All Psilocybe cubensis spores and isolate cultures are sold strictly for microscopy and taxonomy use only* Importation of these spores/cultures may be illegal in your location. Check your local laws before ordering.

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