Psilocybe Cubensis | B+ (B Plus) Spore Syringe Microscopy Kit

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20ML B+ psilocybe cubensis 10ML spore syringe. Individually packaged. Includes sterile needle. For microscopy use only.

We have just upgraded all products to 20ML syringes from 10ML syringes. Please excuse the pictures of the 10ML syringe until we can update them.

B+ psilocybe cubensis spore syringe

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B+ Psilocybe Cubensis

B+ is a strain of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom that is famous world wide for its size. It was found growing wild in Florida in 1999, in a place where cow manure used to be, and its original spore prints were distributed to other spore vendors and cultivators.

This mushroom gets HUGE, in the wild. Some of the mushrooms that have been observed by B+ cubensis have been over 16 inches tall! Very few strains can get this large, with the exception of Alacabenzi, Amazonian, and a few others. It is also one of the original few that have been cultivated for more than 40 years now, which guarantees no one will be disappointed with the genetics that come from this well domesticated Strain. B+ remains one of the all time champions of the Psilocybe cubensis world.

It is claimed that B+ cubensis can grow in wide range of temperatures, all the way down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While we arent so sure of this, it is an interesting claim. We do know that it is a very adaptable strain, growing on pretty much anything you throw at it, from brown rice flour, compost, and even wood chips. There is no question that this is must have strain for any serious collector, and is great for a beginner, as this strain also appears to be highly contamination resistant in its spore syringe.

Miscellaneous facts

  • Colonization times are average
  • Robust rhizomorphic mycelium
  • Makes huge and dark spore prints

Please be aware that the B+ mushroom spores and syringes offered here are for microscopy and/or taxonomy use only. Images are for educational purposes, and originate from labs outside of the united states. Source of Spores does not sell actual mushrooms of any kind, only spores. We do not provide cultivation information, do not ask, we do not have it.

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54 reviews for Psilocybe Cubensis | B+ (B Plus) Spore Syringe Microscopy Kit

  1. Michaela

    The b+ spore syringe I bought was very good! Nicely packaged in its own zipper baggy. I used it “under my microscope” and I was very impressed when I saw growth in 2 days. Thumbs up!

  2. Tim (verified owner)

  3. Kathleen Canton

    Great! No complaints very thick syringes!

  4. Robert Koubek

    After forty years experience with these spores, I can not say that I have seen better. I only gave you four stars, until I see them close up.

  5. Robert Koubek

    In over forty years of growing, I have not seen better. You only get three stars until I see them up close and I find out the total price .

  6. Robert Koubek

    I have been growing for over 40yrs. and these are some of the finest I have ever seen.

  7. Will

    Got my package fast and product is as described. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    AMAZING experience. Need I say more?

  9. Evgeny Ivanov (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Ken (verified owner)

  12. Rodney (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Second purchase, they’re growing like mad. 🙂

  14. Tracy Henning (verified owner)

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