Product Guarantee

Source of Spores offers THE BEST product guarantee of ANY SPORE VENDOR!! PERIOD!

Source of Spores is confident in our ability to create the best spore syringes IN THE WORLD! We prove this by offering the best guarantee of any spore vendor. We would love to see a spore vendor beat this. We have TWO part 60 day warranty on our products.

  1. If your microscopy efforts should prove to be impossible, simply contact us within 14 days after the delivery of your products, and we will replace the product free of charge, WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Other vendors will ask you a million questions, make you send pictures, etc. It is a real hassle. Our spores are always clean, but we also understand that sh*t happens. The only reason why we offer this is so that you see we are serious about our statements, and we would really like to earn your business.
  2. If your microscopy efforts should prove to be impossible, within 60 days from the delivery of your products, but after the original 14 day no questions asked warranty, we will review these on a case by case basis. We log all complaints of dead spores or unidentifiable spores. If there is a number of similar complaints from the batch that your order came from, we will replace those items free of charge, otherwise we offer an accident forgiveness policy for customers that contact us within 60 days from delivery about issues with their items, so that you can obtain new items, at an extremely discounted rate. At no time will we ask you for pictures or make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get replacements, like the rest of our competition.

*At no time will we replace freebies, we will only replace items that you paid for. Thanks for your understanding.