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The Mushroom Spore Print

A mushroom spore print is a dense cluster of spores that have fallen from the gills of a mushroom onto a flat surface, which takes the shape of the gills. Although a single spore cant be seen with the naked eye, the spore print is a beautiful remnant of a mushroom, and also like a finger print. Mushrooms in the wild can sometimes be identified just by looking at the color, shape, and size of the spore print. Obtaining a spore print can then be said to be a crucial step in the identification of mushrooms.

mushroom spore print


Scraping the spores into some sterile water, and making a spore syringe, either for microscopy identification/experiments, or for cultivation, is the most common way to prepare a spore print for use. To make a spore syringe from a spore print, simply suck the sterile spore water into a brand new, sterile syringe, and allow the spores to hydrate for 24 hours. Once this is complete you can use the spores for microscopy identification, or cultivation by injecting them into a substrate of your choice.


Storing a spore print is easy. The spores simply need to remain in a cool, dry place. You can store them in the pages of a book, or a shoe box, or your refrigerator. These items come from our spore store individually packaged in aluminum foil. This ensures that the print remains sterile, as long as the foil does not get any holes in it.

How to buy

Purchasing a spore print is just as easy as storing them. Buying spore prints online is always the best option. The process is simple, secure, and the item is delivered within a few days to your mailbox in discreet packaging.

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