Frequently Asked Questions



This is one of the many things that sets us apart from our competitors. Our competitors will tell you, “you cant see spores with your eyes because they are microscopic.” While this is a fact, you can see spores if they are clumped together by the millions. We ALWAYS provide spore syringes with visible spore clumps, because we pack that many spores into them. We are not stingy, and we make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Source of Spores offers THE BEST product guarantee of ANY SPORE VENDOR!! PERIOD!

Source of Spores is confident in our ability to create the best spore syringes IN THE WORLD! We prove this by offering the best guarantee of any spore vendor. We would love to see a spore vendor beat this. We have TWO part 60 day warranty on our products.

  1. If your microscopy efforts should prove to be impossible, simply contact us within 14 days after the delivery of your products, and we will replace the product free of charge, WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Other vendors will ask you a million questions, make you send pictures, etc. It is a real hassle. Our spores are always clean, but we also understand that sh*t happens. The only reason why we offer this is so that you see we are serious about our statements, and we would really like to earn your business.
  2. If your microscopy efforts should prove to be impossible, within 60 days from the delivery of your products, but after the original 14 day no questions asked warranty, we will review these on a case by case basis. We log all complaints of dead spores or unidentifiable spores. If there is a number of similar complaints from the batch that your order came from, we will replace those items free of charge, otherwise we offer an accident forgiveness policy for customers that contact us within 60 days from delivery about issues with their items, so that you can obtain new items, at an extremely discounted rate. At no time will we ask you for pictures or make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get replacements, like the rest of our competition.

*At no time will we replace freebies, we will only replace items that you paid for. Thanks for your understanding.

Source of Spores DOES NOT accept credit cards directly on our website. Banks have prohibited these items from being sold through their services.

We do not accept paypal. It is against Paypal’s terms of service to sell our items through their network. Any vendor that is processing credit card payments or is using the Paypal network for payments when selling Psilocybe mushroom spores will eventually be caught and have their accounts frozen, and terminated 🙁 Likewise, we do not support Paypal, and also do not recommend that anyone else support them either, but this is just our opinion.

Simple answer: NO, there’s not. Source of Spores does not operate in a state where these items are illegal to posses, sell, import, or transport. It is solely your responsibility to know those laws in the state that you live in, not us, as we cannot be reasonably expected to keep up with every state’s laws, or even be expected to know how to interpret the law as it is written. Please make sure and research your state laws on the products that you want to purchase. It’s as simple as that. Follow all laws and regulations. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE PRODUCTS IF THEY ARE ILLEGAL TO IMPORT OR POSSESS WHERE YOU ARE! DO NOT PURCHASE THESE PRODUCTS IF YOU HAVE AN INTENT TO USE THEM FOR PURPOSES OTHER THAN MICROSCOPY, TAXONOMY, OR COLLECTION! If you need to have a permit to possess these spores, get one. We assume you have already done all this, like a reasonable person would. Do not purchase these products with the intent to use them for anything other than microscopy, taxonomy, or collection purposes. Abide by all state and federal laws, or provincial laws, if you are from Canada.

We ship items in a few different kind of packages, depending on the type of shipping you choose at checkout, we ship your items in plain brown bubble mailers, plain boxes, and USPS priority mail packaging, that do not bear our logo, or website name. There will be NO mention of the contents of the package on the packaging, anywhere. Every spore syringe comes in it’s own individual zipper bag made just for the syringe with an unopened sterile dispensing needle included.

You do not necessarily need insurance for your shipping, however, we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase a shipping option with insurance. Should there be ANY issue with your order during the shipping and delivery stage that is the fault of the carrier (USPS for example), if you purchased a shipping option with insurance, we will contact USPS for you, AND send a new order, free of charge, the same or next business day after you contact us.

If you DO NOT have insurance, Source of Spores is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to your order after it has been given to the shipping carrier, and you will have to contact the carrier to sort out any problems with your order, such as loss, theft, no delivery, etc.  If you do not purchase insurance, and there is a problem with the delivery of your order, you will be subject to a fee for us to send another.

For credit card transactions:

We process and ship orders made by credit card purchase the same or next business day, depending on the time that you order.

For mail order transactions:

Source of Spores processes payments received by mail every afternoon Monday – Friday. Your order will ship the following business day that we receive payment for your order.


Some of our items temporarily go out of stock from time to time, such as Albino Penis Envy. If we run out on orders that are ahead of yours, obviously it wont ship the same day. We usually get more of any item in within 2-3 days maximum. Please keep in mind that these spores are actually RARE items. We cannot go to wal-mart and buy more to restock.

Delivery times vary based on the shipping options you choose and pay for. If you choose our standard shipping, your order will arrive within 4-5 business days. Although sometimes faster. If you choose expedited shipping, your order will arrive in 2-3 business days. These time frames are accurate AFTER the items have left our warehouse.

No we do not have a store front. All orders must be placed on our website, and we will ship them to you, even if you live 10 minutes away.

Sometimes it happens that USPS does not update their “tracking” service as quick as we would like them to. It can take 24 hours for USPS to update their tracking. We literally have no control over this. In rare cases USPS does not update tracking at all until the package reaches the destination sort facility. This is because the service is sold as delivery confirmation and was only intended to confirm delivery, not actually act as a tracking service. In any event if you feel like there is an issue with shipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us

If you create an account, this will remain on the website until we delete the contents of the database, which we do periodically. We never store Ip addresses or payment information on this website. We are in the business of selling spores, not keeping information. If you send us emails, we delete emails automatically on the server after 1 week, and if you text us we delete threads once the conversation is finished. We do not save phone numbers, or any other identifying information.

Under some circumstances we will provide a refund. If you have placed an order, but have not received a shipment confirmation before you contact us, we will refund your order, subject to a 20% restocking fee, and credit card processing fees that we incurred as a result of processing your card. If we have already purchased a shipping label for you, the order is complete, and the sale is final. Due to the nature of the products we do not offer refunds, but we do offer free or discounted replacement products, as it is impossible for us to print you a return shipping label, and resell the product, like many other companies can do, like Wal-Mart or Amazon. These are organic products that have a shelf life. We only send out freshly made spore syringes. We will not ever consider reselling old spore syringes we already sent to someone else.

Does this not answer your question?

Contact us, and ask! Who knows maybe we will add your question here for future customers. Thanks for reading!