Source of Spores Disclaimer and Warning

All products and/or information related to hallucinogenic mushrooms and their spores, is solely for informational purposes. In no way does Source of Spores encourage breaking the law. You, the reader, are entirely responsible for your use, or misuse of the information provide on this website. You are encouraged to research your local laws about these types of mushrooms and their spores, as you are responsible for your own actions.

In no way will Source of Spores be held accountable for anyone’s actions. Growing mushrooms that produce the chemicals psilocin and psilocybin is illegal throughout the United States, and much of the world.

The spores of magic mushrooms are not illegal to posses or sell. This is because they are not containers of the chemicals psilocin or psilocybin, which are illegal. Our products are sold strictly for microscopy/taxonomy use, and if we believe or suspect that you may have an intent to use them for any illegal purpose, we will deny, and/or refund all purchases from you.