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About Source Of Spores

Source of Spores has evolved to be the greatest mushroom spore supplier of all time. The owners and operators have a combined experience of over 30 years in mushroom cultivation, mushroom identification, sterile laboratory techniques, and mold remediation in homes. Our company takes pride in its products, and customer service.

S.O.S. offers many rare and hard to find mushroom spore products, including psilocybe genera spore syringes, and viable spore prints. Our products are truley one of a kind, to the way they are made, to the top secret spore solution in which the spores are suspended in. We do not use plain tap/distilled water. Our gel like spore solution was engineered in house by one of our own, which evenly distributes your spores, and helps protect against heat and cold. Many competitors use detergents to try to replicate our items, but the detergent dissolves the protein surrounding the cell walls of the spores, and is usually lethal to them. You can actually SEE the spore clumps in our items.

Many competitors try to replicate this also, by adding activated carbon to their items

If you need help with an order please feel free to contact us at any time on our support page.

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