Argentina Microscopy Spore Kit

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10ML Argentina psilocybe cubensis spore syringe. Comes individually packaged with sterile needle included.

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amazonian cubensis spore syringe


From the wilds of tropical Argentina comes this wondrous psilocybe cubensis strain. Argentina psilocybe cubensis produces some super dense mycelium, although not always rhizomorphic, and the mushrooms are typically small to medium sized. A strong spiritual overtone is common with this mushroom, by people who have reported its effects after consumption. This unique strain is certainly a fresh take on the common ones. If you’re looking for something new, Argentina cubensis may be a great option for you.

Please take note of our policy. All magic mushroom spores are for legitimate scientific use or microscopy research ONLY! Do not inquire about growing magic mushroom spores we do not have that information, and will not provide it to you. If we suspect that your intent is to use these spore products for any purpose other than the above, we will deny all orders from you.

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